Princess of Cups

From my Celestial Tarot deck

I drew this card and am going to share my interpretation of its symbols

Autumn is a season of change. The picture has the zodiac symbols for sagittarius (the arrow…shoot for the stars, go for it!) scorpio (passion and rebirth/transformation)and libra (the scales for balance and order).

I’m ever-romantic and passionate. Too often I have held back on my dreams. Now I’m choosing to indulge them: go for it and give it a try. Will I succeed? I don’t know, but I will try. I’m no longer going to hold myself back for fear.

The High Priestess and Divine Feminine

From my Celestial Tarot deck

I drew this card and consulted Biddy Tarot for guidance and interpretation.

This card is one of my favorites. It encourages me to listen to my intuition and embrace the Divine Feminine.

What I experienced with someone was not sinful: it was connection! It’s still there and I’m going to embrace it instead of closing the door for fear. curiouser and curiouser.

Life is meant to be lived fully and boldly. Use your head but don’t be afraid to listen to your heart. I already have all the answers I need; I’m just waiting for the full story to unfold.

Where do you want to go? Follow me.

Just listen

Orange candle for Hestia

I welcomed Hestia into my home. I am struggling to fill my role as wife and mother and to build my home.

In the offering bowl is oats and dried cranberries.

I’m taking time to be silent: to close my lips and open my ears. I’m listening to my intuition and trusting myself.

I tackled the living room and kitchen today. Bathrooms and laundry will be next. I’m pacing myself.

It’s Fall, y’all

I have a hard time when summer leaves. Now, the season changes. We’re preparing for winter, a time of death and restoration.

Just because you disagree with someone doesn’t mean you can’t be civil. Even so, boundaries are important. My dad has been horribly disrespectful and dismissive of my spiritual practices. I don’t want to talk to him anymore because I don’t feel good after talking with him. It’s painful to cut him off but I think it’s time. I can’t force a relationship with someone. I can continue to develop the relationships I already have and be open to developing new ones.

I am looking forward to what this season will bring to me. Last year I was hospitalized with a lupus flare and stroke. I missed Halloween but came home for Thanksgiving. I feel anxious about another flare and stroke. I take each day as it comes and ground myself.

The Hierophant, reversed

The Hierophant, from my Celestial Tarot deck

I usually just draw cards for myself; however, I have drawn twice for my husband and they’ve had accurate messages for him! Tarot doesn’t lie.

I drew The Hierophant reversed for me today and boy…. What a message. I consulted Biddy Tarot for insight: I like that website the best.

My main takeaways are that I need to look inside myself and trust my intuition. I’ve been trying to do things the way I used to, but it’s not working. Spiritually, I am no longer a Christian. I also have lupus and I had a stroke last year. I am currently still recovering from the physical and emotional damage from the stroke and probably will be for the rest of my life.

I have had conflict with my dad to the point that I don’t want to speak with him anymore. He utterly rejects my spiritual practices and beliefs. He is disrespectful and dismissive of them. He inquires about them only to mock. I told him I do not want to talk about my spiritual practices with him anymore because it’s a point of contention and I don’t like it. I don’t feel good after talking to him so I am going to stop. 💔

I was recently featured on a podcast called SHEPhoria (listen on Amazon Music, Spotify, or iHeartRadio), where I discuss my spiritual practices, leaving Christianity, having lupus, among other things. My dad told me immediately that he “didn’t want to hear my interview about that witch stuff.” He said it with such vitriol and hate. My husband reminded me that my dad is in a horrible place now with his failed second marriage. My dad is a Cancer so I know that divorce especially hurts. He’s also a Cancer who doesn’t know who he is, that’s why he’s so miserable and sends barbs to me and runs away from his family.

Cancer is a Crab: a wounded Cancer uses those claws to hurt others instead of protecting its own.

The reversed Hierophant can also mean conflict with a teacher or authority figure. Biddy Tarot wrote it’s like a rebellious teenager. I always toed the line as a teenager and a young adult. Now, at 36, I am finally able to be my authentic self and I am determined to thrive.

Prince of Cups

From my Celestial Tarot deck

I drew this card this evening. My family is having a hard time financially with this recession. I’m seeking employment: I had a stroke last year so I’m still in recovery. I look normal but there’s still damage under the surface.

As a Pisces, I love the Cups suit. Anything to do with emotions and all the feels, count me in! 🥰

Despite these troubling times, I feel at peace. It’s like I’m in a canoe on stormy seas, but I know the canoe has got me. I made a good choice with this vessel. Even though my exterior is being rocked, my interior is calm, confident, and at peace. I feel as if everything will be alright even though I can’t quite see how it will happen. I’ve got to wait for more of my story to unfold.

Practicing mindfulness

I was feeling anxious today, particularly about having another stroke. Last year, I had a stroke. My lupus was flaring. I spent a few weeks at the hospital and a rehab.

Rose quartz and amethyst

Now, I still can’t feel my left side and I walk with a quad cane for support.

The rose quartz is for self-love and the amethyst is for calm and peace. I grounded myself with these stones. There’s power in these natural elements.

I enjoyed time with my family today and even met new friends. I will keep moving forward and looking toward each sunrise.

The High Priestess

From my Celestial Tarot deck

I drew this card this morning. It’s one of my favorites. I feel most encouraged after some insight from Biddy Tarot. I need to take time to pause and listen to my intuition. Let it guide me. People all around me are always telling me what to do. I don’t need to listen to their voices because I trust my own.


King of Wands, reversed
Ten of Wands

Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and anxious with buzzing thoughts. Cannabis slows me down but I don’t smoke all the time. I had a stroke last year and I am still recuperating.

The rug has been pulled out from under me. I’ve been knocked flat on my back and I am still stunned, trying to decide how to get up.

Sometimes I think of working with deities, but I’m deciding to practice mindfulness. I respect the elements, especially air (thankful for the breath of life!). I feel most aware of air when I’m outside walking. Water in the bath obviously and of course fire when I burn a scented candle, which I do regularly.

I usually feel great after tarot, like an encouraging insight. This time my mind is too busy buzzing to relax into the insight. I’m mildly disappointed.

The Hermit

From my Celestial Tarot deck

Sometimes it’s best to go off by yourself for a time to process what’s really important. Without external distractions you can see the light inside of you. You already have the answers inside. What do you really want? What’s stopping you from going after what you really want? What are you afraid of?

In this age of social media and superficial connections it’s easy to lose yourself. I found myself looking outside myself for distraction.

What’s going on in their lives? What are they doing? What are their kids doing? How many kids do they have? Are they going to have another baby?Where are they working? Where are they living?

Instead of looking at others to distract myself, I want to focus on me and mine. What can I do to stay healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? How can I continue to heal from pregnancy loss? What do I need to do to restore myself from my lupus cerebritis flare that left me with significant physical challenges?

I don’t have all the answers now because I’m on a journey called life. I’m thirty-six years in. My mom had sixty-one. I want to make the most of my time here and be my unashamed authentic self.

My mom on her 49th birthday. I was 21 and took her to Vegas. We had such fun! 🥰